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Hangout HO-052 Bluetooth Speaker at Rs.499 – Amazon

Hangout HO-052 Bluetooth Speaker

Hangout HO-052 Bluetooth Speaker at Rs.499 – Amazon



  • Built-in mic for both outdoor and indoor use
  • Easy access to Handfree Talking
  • Universal compatibility with Smartphone, iphone and Tablet
  • Bluetooth Water resistant loudspeaker
  • Charging Time: 2 Hrs, Play Time: 3Hrs

As it incorporates Bluetooth technology, you can use this portable Bluetooth speaker to connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device. You also won’t require a separate receiver or additional shelf space to connect or place this speaker. The Hangout HO 52 Bluetooth speaker provides wireless freedom while you relish your favorite tracks. You won’t have to worry about getting entangled with cables while using these speakers. The HO 52 portable Bluetooth speaker has a compact and lightweight body that you can easily carry around. With its small size, this speaker can conveniently fit into your pockets or in your backpack, allowing you to take it on long journeys or outdoor trips. It will be especially useful at get-togethers or poolside parties with your friends where you need a portable speaker to provide entertainment. Big things come in small packages. The HO 52 portable Bluetooth Speaker fits the bill. This powerful portable speaker will make travelling easier than ever. Your friends will be amazed when they hear the surprisingly big sound coming from this pocket-sized speaker. Whether on the road or a terrace or even at a picnic spot, just connect this small wonder through Bluetooth and get the party started. The Bluetooth speaker also comes along with a USB cable. Just connect to your laptop or any plug point and voila! It’s ready to play again. Hangout HO 52 is a portable Bluetooth speaker which comes with beautiful multi-color. Stream your music over Bluetooth and groove to the tunes while you are on the go. Built for adventure, this is the perfect device you are looking for. This speaker is loud enough for a room and can complement small parties

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