Nivia Wrist Support (Black) at Rs. 120 – Amazon

Nivia Wrist Support (Black)

Nivia Wrist Support (Black) at Rs. 120 – Amazon



  • Color: Black
  • Strechable fabric makes wrist support easy to wear
  • It is easy and convenient to use
  • It can be used by anyone while training
  • Box contents: 1 Wrist support
Prevent Wrist Injuries

Professional-level sportspersons and athletes need to be well equipped with protective gear to prevent any kind of injuries. The Nivia wrist support is one such accessory that offers an extra layer of protection to your wrist while your lift heavy weights at the gym or enjoy sports matches. This wrist support band is a must-have for adults who play sports that involve a lot of wrist flexing and is also ideal for athletes who need to lift heavy weights. The Nivia wrist band minimises the risk of wrist fractures and lets you enjoy your sports or continue with your workouts without a worry.

Comfortable and Effective

Made from a stretchable fabric, the wrist support system will adapt to your wrist movements and offer maximum comfort during your training sessions or workouts. It tightly holds on to your wrist to avoid muscle strain and other damages to the wrist bone. You can use this wrist support for gym workouts that exert considerable pressure on your wrist. Plus this wrist band is very easy to wear and handy for use.

  • Brand: Nivia
  • Colour: Black
  • Intended for: Senior
  • Avoids wrist injuries and fractures
  • Made of stretchable material
  • Recommended for sports that require wrist flexing, heavy workouts and weight lifting
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