Sunflame Slim BK CF (Air Flow: 500 m3/hr) at Rs. 3499 – Snapdeal

Sunflame Slim BK CF (Air Flow: 500 m3/hr) at Rs. 3499 – Snapdeal



  • 100 % Original Product with Brand Warranty | 1+5 Years Warranty
  • NO-HASSLES INSTALLATION SUPPORT ! We give you an Installation Helpline upon Delivery for a seamless, quick installation.
  • 60cm Size
  • 500 cubic metre per hour Air Flow
  • 1x Incandescent Lamp Lighting
  • Cassette Filter
  • Black Finish
  • Sliding Controls

Frying, grilling or even simple cooking the kitchen has to endure smoke, flame and smells. It is not easy to deodorize the kitchen using traditional methods quickly or even easily. A chimney will help you do that in the most trouble free manner. The Sunflame chimney which is available on Snapdeal is the perfect solution for keeping your kitchen clean, hygienic and free from grime. Simple, sleek and modern this chimney will augment the look of your kitchen. This electric chimney is wall-mounted and has utilitarian features that would be of great assistance to you. It has cassette filterwhich makes cleaning an easy job and is made with durable metal that gives it strength. The air flow of this chimney is 500 cubic metres per hour and the product comes with 1 year comprehensive and 5 year motor warranty.  This product has a seamless and quick installation for you to begin using it quickly.

Material Used

The durable chimney is manufactured using finest quality of raw material and this ensures that the dirt accumulation is slower and this means that you need not clean often. The straight line chimney blends in with any kitchen style and adds great functional value as well. The product is robust and will give you continued service. The Sunflame chimney has a smart black finish which makes this chimney very attractive and appealing.

Air Outlet

In this Sunflame chimney, the air outlet refers to the appliance’s capacity to suck the smells and the oily condensation from its environment. This is a critical feature that ensures that your kitchen is both smell and oil free. The easy to operate chimney has a strong suction capacity with airflow of 500 cubic metres per hour and this ensures that you have all the dust and grime removed from your space.


The Sunflame chimney is equipped with a cassette filter that has a layered metal filter whose primary job is an efficient purification. This type of filter gives you the ease of removing or replacing the filter without any trouble. You can clean this filter right in your house without seeking professional help.

Lighting System

Fit with inbuilt incandescent lamps, the chimney with cassette filter generates light when emission of light is caused by heating the filament and it requires no external regulating equipment. The Sunflame chimney works well in indoor areas giving the right amount of light needed for cooking.


You can call brand helpline no. (0129-2274609) & register your installation. The service franchise representative will visit and instal iton chargeable basis.

Cost of Installation

Brand Engineer takes  Rs 350 – 500 (Depending upon the location of consumer and nature of work) & approx Rs 800 if consumer wants aluminum pipe.

Accessories other than Product in Product Packgage

Stretchable Plastic Pipe, Clamp, Flange (Air Outlet), Screws, Warranty Card & Instruction Manual.

Width and Length of pipe

Width- 6”, Length- 6

How to avail warranty

Warranty Card or Invoice can be presented to avail warranty. If warranty card is not stamped then invoice is must.

If Consumer Install himself will the warranty will not become null. But it advisable to install from brand engineer.  If any problem comes in future he will be aware with your case. Installation from outside should be avoided.


1 year on product, 5 year on motor.

In Straight Line motor is opened & in Hood Type motor is sealed.

Remote Control & Gas Sensor are not present.

Services and Cleaning

Chimney should be serviced every 3 to 4 months but filters must be cleaned twice in a month.

Ideal Gap between gas stove and chimney is 2.5 to 3 Feet

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